REjuvenate Retreat

Sunshine Coast - Rejuvenate Retreat is happening 7th August 2022

Does your relationship feel stagnant, like hard work or like the flame just isn’t there anymore? Do you wonder what happened to the person you fell in love with? Have you noticed a disconnection from yourself?


REJUVENATE is for women who desires to RECONNECT with the authentic women within.


Imagine 4 hours immersed in REJUVENATION, RECONNECTION and RELEASING.

Nowhere to be.

No kids.

No partners.

No distractions.

No responsibilities.

100% time for yourself.


Bathe yourself in healing ENERGY.

Step back into ALIGNMENT with who you truly are.

RECONNECT to your feminine.


It is now YOUR time to take care of YOU!


Rejuvenate your soul.

Reconnect with your authentic self.

Release what is stuck.


Imagine releasing the unconscious blocks that are holding you back from creating a healthy shift in your relationship!

If you feel the yearning in your being to release and rejuvenate…

This is for YOU!


Let’s journey together to unlock the reasons your relationship isn’t thriving and why you’ve been left feeling distant and unfulfilled. We are going to use the power of breath to journey inward, reconnecting you to your inner child.

The KEY to rejuvenating your relationship is reconnecting with yourself.


EVERY ticket purchased will put you in the draw to bring a friend for FREE!


If you are feeling the pull to be a part of this intimate women’s healing circle, please enter your details below and I will personally send you the link for this incredible 4 hour immersion.

Much love 💕 

Nikki xx